Implants are alternates for lost teeth. In this process, we do not cut down teeth’s either side for crowns for supporting the bridge.

These are designed for toothless areas, and the treatment includes implanting artificial dental roots. These artificial roots are made using titanium, a special metal to jaw bone for natural feel and esthetic satisfaction. It is safe and better alternative for existing bridge or denture.

Implant placement needs a small operation. The implanting process is carried out under local anesthesia, and same is given for teeth removal as well.

Dental implants are utilized for supporting a number of dental prostheses, encompassing crowns, implant supported bridges or denture.



Takes upto 4 months, as performed in two stages:

  1. Implant is placed in jaw and it is left so for bonding with bone and for healing completely.

This takes at least 3 months in lower jaw and 6 months in upper jaw.

  • 2.    Once it is established, replacement tooth is attached to implant.






Implants are well established, safe, tried and tested treatment.

Aesthetically perfect.

Cleaning around tooth is same as a natural tooth.

Doesn’t require support from adjacent natural teeth causing no disturbance.

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